Pi Network Mall

PiNetwork Mall(To build new shopping ecosystem as well as PiCoin&PiPay Long-term Value, Give the great historical mission to Pi,@Developers are welcome@ )

New Retail and New Group-buying in the era of blockchain.

Billions of worldwide people should get better life basing on Industry4.0(B2C)&

blockchain technology. If Pi Network Core Team will develop this project,the ‘PiNetworkMall.com’ shall be given to the Pi Core Team(belongs to the whole Community).We have standby url(www.pichain.market )to build PiPay and PiExchange and other related projects to support the shopping mall and to strengthen Pi Coin value.

●Brief Introduction: 

This online shopping mall offers both national and international shopping & service through its decentralized applications stores. All pioneers can build their Personal Virtual Stores at this mall. One-station Style Group-Buying Online Service is recommended in order to offer the users most competitive cost basing on high quality goods. Every store can set its own requirement(Minimum quantity for every Group-Buying order). But for national retail in a country, One piece order is still ok.B2C mode is also welcome in order to supply some professional goods &service ,especially for international trade.


Maybe only Pi coin is used for payment. In future if Pi wallet can support other coin, then the payment coin choice maybe added. 

●Compliance and Sustainability

In order to assure the legal &long-term position, PiNetwork Mall management team shall help each store to do tax payment to local government as per the place of business and the Pi coin value against USD/CNY/Euro( or other local currency) rate after Pi mainnet. When a country government accept Pi coin in future, PiNetwork Mall management team shall use Pi coin for paying the local tax.And every store shall assure that its cargosrvice shall always be accord with the local quality standard and other law regulation.

 ●Ownership and Management

PiNetwork Mall belongs to the community. The management team’s salary & recruiting shall be determined by the project core team. 

A good URL (PiNetworkMall.com) is ready. Need developers, all pioneers and Pi core team to push this project for over one Billion people.

Let’s build our community’s great shopping mall together. 

Clarification 1#:

 1. International Trade at Global Sites

Re: International product afterservice

International trade is also ok. Normally the local shops owners/importers are more easy to serve the local users. And they(shops owners) can also cooperate with international agents(both companies and persons) in different countries to operate the international product afterservice. Besides, the shops owners can also do some afterservice through online-mode.

Re: International Logistic Service& Customs Clearance Service& Tax Service  

Some retail items can be shipped by air or express. DHL/TNT/FEDEX/UPS and other international express companies have mature operation mode. Other airline companies can also do similar service. And more group-buying items are suitable for seafreight shipment to satisfy users in very competitive cost. PiNetwork Mall Management Team can instruct the shops owners to get Door to Door shipment service through the professional forwarder, who can also arrange the import Duty &VAT&Other local tax to the local government. When the shops owners get group-buying orders, other things is not difficult.

Re: Industry4.0 Development- International B2C 

PiNetwork Mall shall push the international version Industry4.0-development(International B2C), which is more effective for both international users and local users, helpful to get better products/service in ideal cost. If a person such as business owner/legal person of a factory open the shop at PiNetwork Mall, the C2C is also good. Domestic B2C or C2C in a country/region is more easy to operate.

  1. Domestic Trade at a Country Site

PiNetwork Mall can also make different Country Sites as per different country/ Language for    Domestic Trade. 

  1. PiPay and PiExchange

Pipay/ PiExchange App shall be created/integrated under the Pi Core Team’s leadership after Pi mainnet basing on relative stable price ratio against USD/EURO/CNY and other currency. At present, building the long-term value of Pi Coin is most important for successful mainnet. By this way, it is helpful for our Pi Coin and PiNetwork Mall to win government’s acceptance. And Pi Coin can be coexistence with other Legal currencies basing on KYCed Identity and system values for the society.

Before the mainnet,too earlier building PiPay and PiExchange maybe not helpful for Pi Coin. So we’d better waiting for some months to avoid any issues from any of governments and nodes IP limitation. After successful mainnet, none of governments/institutions can affect PiNetwork to run .The testnet shall be not used again. Then more application App can be done.

  1. Difference with other online E-commerce Platform

This platform belongs to whole community with its own currency and ecosystem. It shall be operated in the name of a non-profit body. Its main aim is creating a better life, better equality and better efficiency for all mankind, building community of common destiny for all mankind basing on PiCoin and PiNetwork Shopping Mall, sharing part of the responsibility of the United Nations which has no its own Currency.

The very low commission income will be mainly used for platform sustainable construction(including rewarding supporting nodes), community sustainable construction, charity, climate,environmental protection and other public welfare matters.So this platform shall be representing the well-being of all mankind basing on worldwide Consensus currency(Pi Coin)and Consensus quality products/service registered on blockchain.

In future, if Pi Coin can be accepted by worldwide countries as United Nation’s currency, this shall be a great thing for the humankind.

  1. The Rewards for the Core Team, the Pi Community and  UN(Stands for the common interests of all mankind)

The Core Team (Including the original Pi Developing Core Team ,the new Developers, Business group, the shopping mall administrators and every country representatives) can set a total 20% stock share,another 20% share can set for donating for United Nations, and  the left 60% share belongs to the community. 

By this way, every party shall get a reasonable return, and willing to give their best for PI’s development and for the better world.

  1. United Nations Global Marketplace and Pi Network Mall

Pi Network Mall shall be a Parallel market against United Nations Global Marketplace, which is already exist at.

The former shall be mainly for Non government procurement. The latter is mainly for government purchasing. At present the global procurement amount of the United Nations is about 20 billion US dollars yearly. It is most popular group buying project.

The former shopping mall should get much larger sales volume basing on group-buying competitive cost, better B2C shopping experience and quick service(both online service and local agent’s service). Basing on the blockchain technology, every order/cargo has better product traceability, and the quality products shall be reliable since every shop owner has to cherish their credit automatically.

So the two shopping markets will complement each other, and both have advantage for long-term.

This project is finished 50% automatically for the government procurement. In future when most of countries and UN accept Pi, the United Nations Global Marketplace(https://www.ungm.org) can be connected to (www.PiNetworkMall.com). The Locked 20% share can be released to United Nations.


This project should be  important for the Pi Network future development,for PiPay and Pi Coin value and Pi Exchange.  Should Pi core team and other developers have any question, please contact Admin by email to admin@pimoon.org

Let’s build stronger Pi Network~

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