Pi Polls – Pi Survey App

One of the core components in the Pi whitepaper is shared attention. Pi Polls would allow surveyors to get the opinion of millions of people and pay in Pi. Additionally pioneers are incentivized with Pi to complete the surveys. We will have automatic anti-cheat, anti-spam, and anti-robot questions and mechanisms in the interface to prevent bots. Additionally we will have preset question layouts that are intuitive, beautiful, and enticing to use. This way, surveyors do not need to worry about format and can focus on the questions, and pioneers are happy with the experience of the app. Additionally, we will have a model where pioneers are paid by question (not completion of entire survey) to ensure pioneers are rewarded for their time even if they are disqualified from the survey (by parameters set by surveyors). Within the app, there is an internal balance transferable to and from Pi balance. Additionally pioneers can fill out common information so that they do not need to repeat it in the survey. This information will also pre qualify pioneers for surveys so they do not waste their time. In his way both pioneers and the surveyors have the best experience possible.

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  • Mhiztasele123 2021年10月4日 下午11:46

    I’d really like this pi can’t wait for the approval