Pi Network Games from Latin America

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We are building Pi Network Games, making a Pi Network Games Platform. We have now: Sudoku, Snake and Chess, and a Pi App Example.

Which is the problem to solve?: There’s a need to get users to crypto platforms, in the way of make platforms populars and get more value in Market. We will solve it creating games and examples for Pi.

Mission: We want to make Pi Network more usable for all people in the World, so we will make a Pi Games Platform real.

Vision: Build a Pi Games Platform with all apps connected to let play pioneers.

Our platform is:



An app to solve Sudokus. You can watch the game working here: https://sudoku.latin-chain.com​

The popular game Snake, as the phone game. You can watch the game working here: https://snake.latin-chain.com​

Chess, with the best AI: https://chess.latin-chain.com​

Pi App Example: https://piapp-example.latin-chain.com​

Pi Network First App for Odoo:


Pi Network Games Engine and Platform for Odoo (the next step is to run all our platform in Odoo, that will allow us to use all the free ecosystem apps in Odoo):


It is already developed. It is integrated with current Pi API App Platform for Pi Browser. It is made in HTML5 and JavaScript. Our Discord Server:


Pi API documentation: https://developers.minepi.com​

Github code: https://github.com/rockcesar/PiNetworkDevelopments​

More info:


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