World of Pi Championships|Pi世界锦标赛

How nice it is to have a place like WORLD OF PI to be able to play intriguing game for pleasure as well as opportunity to win lots of Pi.

WORLD OF PI is completely developed and fully tested. It’s already done and you can have it today.

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The app is a game competition platform where pioneers can participate and compete gaming skills.

The purpose is to improve overall sense of belonging in the Pi Community by playing the game and exchanging tactics of levelling up. And also to attract more new pioneers to join in our big Pi family.

Pi ecosystem integration

The app has complete game competition mechanism, and has integrated Pi into the mechanism. It uses the world map to show the game path. The numbers along the game path are the level numbers. Locked levels are displayed as map locators. Passed levels are displayed as Pi logos with a few stars. The game challenge is to unlock as many levels as possible and turn the map locators into Pi logos.

Each pioneer who wishes to participate is allowed to pick up the game through free playing the first 6 levels. After that the player will need to transfer 0.1 Pi as entry fee to continue playing in the competition. The app does not keep any of the entry fees collected. 90% of the entry fees will form the jackpot as the competition prize to be shared by the 10 best score pioneers. 10% of the entry fees will be donated to a charity organization nominated by the Core Team.

Different game competitions will be launched in the app periodically.  The games are fun, exciting and entertaining.  Through competition pioneers will be playing and enjoying the games for hours, and exchange tactics and ideas of how to tackle certain hardest game levels in the Pi App Chat and official social media thus improving overall sense of belonging in the Pi Community.  As the excitement spreads out it is likely to attract more new pioneers to join in our big Pi family as well.  The app can also be used to run game competition events during Pi Days.

High level requirements

  1. The game is real competition and cannot be exploited as a sham to sell/buy Pi.

​2. Pi SDK is completely integrated into the game competition mechanism.

  1. Real time Leaderboard can be accessed any time during the game to show the real time global ranking. The leaderboard is updated real time globally. Leaderboard is reset at the start of each game competition period.  The length of the period can be preset prior to rollout of the game.
  2. The player who has passed the highest level globally will be the top ranking player.  In the event of multiple players having passed the same level, the total score will determine their rankings.  
  3. The game remembers the player’s progress in terms of passed levels, scores achieved in each level, current level, and total score.  Player can exit the game and come back to play the current level (the level being played and not passed yet).
  4. The game backend is on cloud CDN readily scalable to millions of pioneers who might potentially want to try playing the game.

​Project status

All game mechanism, Pi integration and different game levels have been thoroughly tested by thousands of pioneers with very positive feerback.

Fully completed, tested, usable and accessible. Ready to roll out.

Developer Technical requirements

Javascript, HTML5, CSS, jQuery



Pi 生态系统整合

该应用程序有完整的游戏竞赛机制,并集成了Pi的功能。它使用世界地图显示游戏路径,沿着游戏路径显示的数字是游戏的级别。未解锁的级别显示为地图定位标识,已通过的级别显示为带有几颗星的 Pi 徽标。游戏的挑战是解锁尽可能多的关卡,把地图定位标识变成Pi徽标。

每个参加比赛的先锋者允许通过前6个级别来领略游戏的精彩。之后,将需要支付 0.1 Pi 作为入场费, 才能继续比赛。该应用程序不保留收取的任何入场费,90%的入场费将构成奖金池,由前10名最佳战绩的先锋们分享,10% 的入场费将捐赠给核心团队提名的慈善组织。

不同的游戏比赛将定期在应用程序中推出,都是有趣的,令人兴奋的和娱乐性高的游戏。 通过游戏竞争,先锋们将享受几个小时玩游戏的乐趣,并在Pi聊天室和官方社交媒体,交换一些如何解决某些最难的游戏级别的战术和攻略,从而提高整体的Pi社区归属感。 随着兴奋情绪的扩散,它很可能会吸引更多的新先锋加入我们的Pi大家族。该应用程序还可用于在 Pi 周年期间举办游戏竞赛活动。



2、Pi 功能完全集成到游戏竞赛机制中。

3、实时排行榜可以在游戏内随时访问,以显示实时全球排名,排行榜在全球范围内实时更新。在每个比赛周期开始时,排行榜将会重置, 周期长度可以在游戏推出之前预设制定完成。

4、通过全球最高级别的先锋玩家将是排名最高的先锋。 如果多个先锋玩家通过同一级别,总分将决定其排名。 

5、游戏程序会记住先锋玩家的通过级别、每个级别上获得的分数、当前级别和总分数。 先锋玩家可以随时退出游戏,之后再回到当前级别继续比赛。

6、游戏后端位于云 CDN 上,可随时扩展给数百万可能想要尝试玩游戏的先锋们。

开发人员 技术要求

Javascript, HTML5, CSS, jQuery


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