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Project Name:PI CHAIN MALL


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Please note:Pi, Pi Network and the Pi logo are trademarks of the Pi Community Company.

        PI CHAIN项目只专注于Pi Network,我们所做的一切旨在促进Pi的流通和使用。


       获得pi的途径不仅仅只有挖矿和运行节点。现在您多了个选择:在Pi Chain Mall 进行交易!

The PI CHAIN project only focuses on Pi Network, and everything we do is to promote the circulation and use of Pi. All miners in the world can create their own virtual shops for free, and everyone can post information about goods or services transactions. All transaction processes such as product information release, product delivery, and product purchase can be carried out on the mobile phone.The way to obtain pi is not only mining and running nodes. Now you have one more choice: trade in Pi Chain Mall!

Project Description:

        We have been engaged in cross-border trade for more than ten years. We fully aware the drawbacks and many disadvantages in the traditional business model. While our entrepreneurial ideas been enlightened after understanding the mission and vision of pi network.

       PI CHAIN project only focuses on Pi Network. Everything we do is to promote the circulation and use of Pi; we believe that Pi Network will become the universal cryptocurrency in the future, the cryptocurrency everyone, and the most widely used cryptocurrency, Pi Network will definitely successful in near future.

     The business scope for PI CHAIN including blockchain technology development, cross-border e-commerce, software development, culture media, education, and training, etc.

     At present, we have completed the preliminary function development of PI CHAIN MALL (Pi Chain International Mall). And the rest development work is still in progress. Thanks to core team and Pi network brainstorm for providing a platform to display our project to all the pioneers.

Team Introduction:

Operation team: there are several former e commers company founder and listed company manager. They have rich experience in project operation management.

Marketing and publicity: We have several professional marketing operation officers as well as new media operation experts with rich internet celebrity industry resources for our project propagation.

IT team: We have several software developments engineers, expert-level developers who have been engaged in software development for more than ten years, and graduate students majoring in computer science from many well-known global universities such as New York University, Brown University, and UMS, etc. A team with inspiration, creativity, and experience combined.

Subproject 1

Name: PI CHAIN MALL (PiChain International Mall)

PiChain Mall is a professional cross-border e-commerce platform. One of our members has been committed to the development of product traceability technology for many years. We will apply the product traceability technology in the mall when the Pi main net was launched.

PiChain Mall currently supports Pi test coin payment via Pi wallet, of course it will support Pi payment once API was connected, and it also supports multiple languages, and supports global merchants to settle in.

      Up till now, we have established 30 categories of commodities and over 660 subcategories, all categories have been docked with related manufacturers and established cooperative relations; In additional, we have completed initially cooperation negotiations in furniture, bathroom tiles, and charging piles which all with foreign trade export qualifications. If you are a commodity manufacturer, welcome to contact us.

(We are aiming to build a supplier library worldwide)

We established this product library for two services: retail and bulk sale.

     After the merchants settle in, they can choose either to use the free sources we provided, or they may choose to use their own sources for retail; that is to say, for amateur merchants, you can build your own virtual store in the mall as your side business even no need to worry about supply issues, such as product quality, price advantage, etc.

    Merchants can also choose to cooperate with our e commers platform, use our global supply sources, or choose to use their own sources for bulk sales.

     As of now (1st July 2021), we have more than 30 traditional foreign trade agents from different countries who are willing to accept and use Pi for payment after Pi main net. We have received applications from more than 600 suppliers, currently only waiting for our e commers platform apply API and connect to Pi wallet.

There are four segments in the current Pi Chain Mall. We aim to build a space for free trading, professional cross-border e-commerce, charity assistance, NFT, personal space, and pi live broadcast rewards.

The first segment: everyone can post listings for free, it is like a second hand online selling platform. Users can choose between having their listings being listed to a specific country or all over the world.

The second segment: professional cross boarders e-commerce platform for licensed sellers and cooperations all over the world.

The third segment: the charity assistance segment. We can build charity branches all over the world im cooperation with various charities and nonprofits organisations. Everyone can do their part, they can donate old books or clothings. In the event of a natural disaster in a city, this specific city would be put on the headers so that everyone can extend their helping hands.

The fourth segment: the personal space segment. this segments supports NFT, pi live broadcast rewards and getting pi from doing charity works. This makes pi more evenly distributed and allow more people to join us. It could also be a platform where users share their daily lives. We have already started a business school to help sellers start their virtual store.

Subproject 2

Project Name: Pi live broadcast (name to be determined)

    As mentioned earlier, we have many professional operation officers, new media operation experts with rich internet celebrity industry resources. Our new media operation expert was the founder of the top internet celebrity industry company 6 years ago, and our broadcast platform currently got more than 1.2 million fans, which also a big flow rate to support our Pi live broadcast project.

    We will build a Pi live broadcast application, and users can use Pi to reward their favorite celebrities in the live broadcast room. We hope that pi live broadcast application can run on the server where the pi node rents resources.

Corporate Culture:

Our vision: To build a world-class intelligent industrial cluster, establish a cross-chain financial infrastructure, and unlock the Internet of value, realize digital value, innovate and create a smart future.

Purpose: Pursue excellence and serve the public.

Philosophy: Practicality, refinement, and conscience

Goal: Let every Pioneer in the world enjoy and like our products and services.


If you are a software engineer, entrepreneur, innovator, investor, merchant supplier, you are welcome to contact us for cooperation and negotiation!

contact details:

Email: pichain@88.com


Appreciate you can vote for our project, thank you!

In the end, we like to thank again for core team, Pi network will surely create more new jobs with numerous applications in Pi ecosystem, Pi network will definitely be successful in near future and will be a great contribution to human society.

Wish Pi Network would thrive! Thanks to every Pi Pioneer for their dedication and contribution to Pi Network!

Please note:Pi, Pi Network and the Pi logo are trademarks of the Pi Community Company.

   PI CHAIN头脑风暴  



请注意:Pi、Pi Network 和 Pi 徽标是 Pi Community Company 的商标。



​Email: pichain@88.com




       我们从事了十余年跨境贸易,我们深知传统模式中存在的弊端和诸多不利因素,Pi Network的出现让我们重拾创业理想!

       PI CHAIN项目只专注于Pi Network,我们所做的一切旨在促进Pi的流通和使用;我们相信Pi Network会成为未来全球通用的数字货币,会成为世界人民的数字货币,成为使用最广泛的数字货币,Pi Network成功的趋势不可阻挡!

       PI CHAIN (派链)经营范围涵盖区块链技术开发、跨境电商、软件开发、文化传媒、教育培训等。

       目前我们已经初步开发完成PI CHAIN MALL(派链国际商城)。











名称:PI CHAIN MALL(派链国际商城)










PI CHAIN MALL(派链国际商城)目前有四个板块。
















       在此感谢Pi Network核心团队,Pi生态中众多的应用程序必将创造更多新的工作岗位,此举对人类社会无疑是一次伟大的贡献!

       祝愿Pi Network茁壮成长!感谢每一位Pi先锋为Pi Network的付出和贡献!

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