All pioneers have been waiting too long for a place like PiCARE to be able to post questions, issues, bugs or just suggestions so that the Team can hear their voice, respond and take actions.

PiCARE is completely developed and fully tested. It’s already done and you can have it today. No more waiting.

PICARE is a platform for pioneers to post reports about bugs or issues of all Pi apps running on the Pi Browser.

Others are able to report their experience with the same issue in the same thread.

Core Team, moderators or Pi apps developers can gather more information and report the bug or issue has been resolved.

Pi browser enter  picare.cf

PICARE 平台让先锋们可以发布有关 Pi 浏览器上运行的所有 Pi 应用程序的出错,问题和建议。


官方核心团队、版主或 Pi 应用开发团队,可以使用平台收集更多有关信息,并报告给先锋们,错误和问题的进展和最终得到解决。

​Pi 浏览器输入  picare.cf

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