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Pi Workforce Pool is a fully functional, community-centered freelance work marketplace for the Pi ecosystem. After the Hackathon, we will be expanding the app’s functionality to include smart contracts and true peer-to-peer payments (dependent upon implementation of these features in the Pi SDK).

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Meanwhile here’s a brief explainer:

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The Proposal:

Since Pi aims to be a truly meritocratic economy, it makes sense to have an app where people can post projects that they need help for, in exchange for Pi. At the most basic level, this app would be similar to the presentation I did at the Pi Coinvention, earlier this year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fD8BffFAcIs&t=217s  However, it could be expanded in a few ways I have outlined below.

Of course, if any of this makes sense to utilize/merge into another project or if there are any other suggestions, I am open to helping and working, to make it come to fruition.


A list of projects that need help. Drilling down on these items, would take the user to a detailed description of the project, where they could apply.

A list of Pioneers, willing to take on projects, in exchange for Pi. Drilling down on these items, would take the user to the Pioneers “page”, which would display the person’s skills, availability, etc.. and a way to initiate contact.

Ability to search both lists.

Messaging ability. This can also include a way to integrate Pi Network’s Chat App.

Workflow for users to create projects.

Workflow for users to create a page to display their skills and openness for work.

 Administrative section to view current jobs working on, applications, proposals, messages, make payments, lodge complaints. (I believe the ability to review and pay, quickly and efficiently is key here)

More advanced features in the administrative section, allowing users to set up chats, collaborate and implement more advanced projects that require Pioneers with a range of skills.

A way to show ratings and reviews/feedback for projects and Pioneers on the app. This may be problematic, since this would be public and could affect Pioneers reputation. Could allow users to set up a different username on app.

Services and Revenue Sources:

I am proposing that creating job listings, searching and applying for openings would be free. 

Pi could be charged for boosting listings or featuring listings or applicants. For example, if a person is creating a free listing, a Pioneer or Pioneers that qualify, who put up a certain amount of Pi, may be shown, after the listing is submitted.

Another source of revenue could be offering more advanced features, for people or organizations. Including a space, to organize a mass marketing or development effort and organize “teams”. Statistics. Tools to incentivize potential or current team members. They could also get a private chat area. Possibly integrating the Pi Network Chat app. 

Potential future sources of revenue could involve the use of smart contracts (if implemented), to back ventures by individual or a syndicate of Pioneers.

Technical Requirements:

Front end Javascript framework.

Back end server, running a web API, written in .Net, Java or some other similar framework. SQL database.

Help Needed:

Software developers/ engineers to build both the front and back ends.

Business development and marketing managers, to promote the product, within the Pi ecosystem and outside it.

Business operations managers to develop and implement processes.

Pi, Pi Network and the Pi logo are trademarks of the Pi Community Company。

Pi劳动力池是Pi生态系统的一个功能齐全、以社区为中心的自由职业者工作市场。在Hackathon之后,我们将扩展应用程序的功能,包括智能合约和真正的点对点支付(取决于Pi SDK中这些功能的实现)。
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由于Pi的目标是成为一个真正的精英经济,因此有一个应用程序,人们可以发布他们需要帮助的项目,以换取Pi是有意义的。在最基本的层面上,该应用程序将类似于我在今年早些时候的Pi Coinvention上所做的演示:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fD8BffFAcIs&t=217s然而,它可以通过我在下面概述的几种方式进行扩展。
后端服务器,运行web API,用.Net、Java或其他类似框架编写。SQL数据库。

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